Relationship Coaching

Master Counsellor, Couples counselor, Pastoral Narrative Therapist, Life Coach

The Peter Pan in all of us is a heartbeat, a soul with limitless potential. However, the lighter frequencies of passion, inspiration, and creativity often become entangled in the heavier layers of fear and guilt and bound up as energy blocks (knots/nodes?).
My sessions are designed to detect your limiting energy blocks, pinpoint the source of the suffering that created them, and release them so that you are free to expand into your Unbounded potential.

The Unbound Experience is work on energy blocks, body awareness, self awareness and self-love.

When we bring our individual pain layers into a relationship, they interact with the pain layers of our partner, and the result is friction.

My consulting enables people to function firstly as healthy individuals so that they are then able to function as healthy partners. We work together to identify the toxicity arising from the conflicting pain layers, and I share tools that dissolve the friction, allowing you to open up into an expanded loving experience. The result is a breakthrough into unbounded and profound intimacy!

My work allows couples to repair any disconnect and discover fulfillment together. 


Online Consultations

Group Workshops

Get your friends together and arrange an evening that is both enlightening and entertaining! These can be both online or in person.  

Women’s Coaching

I believe a woman’s greatest gift to herself and this world is to live her most open and radiant life possible! Modern-day stress and lifestyles have had their impact and have left many women overwhelmed and isolated. My coaching here is to help women reconnect and live their lives more fully once again.

All Women’s health issues

  • Relationships
  • Family Dynamics
  • Healing
  • Self-development and self-esteem
dr nic
dr nic

Men’s Coaching

I believe that when a man is in contact with his mission and lives his life more freely in
that he feels invigorated to offer his gifts to his world. Many men have lost their edge
and their inborn masculine traits of direction and leadership. My coaching here is to help men get clear and passionate once again.

All Men’s health issues

  • Relationships 
  • Family Dynamics
  • Healing
  • Self development and self-esteem

Men women want

From boys to men

This is about helping young men discover what beauty is. That hot women beautify themselves but real women are just beautiful. How to get, be in and end a relationship as a man.


A Picture of health 

Accessing information in patients and students

Discover hidden feelings, beliefs and interactional dynamics in your patient and students.

DURATION: 1h30 minutes

Exceptional patients, exceptional results.

This is about healing, about obstacles and overcoming them. Of understanding the disease and what is required to heal it.


Find out more about my in-person consultations, online consultations, or coaching.  I'd love to connect with you.

Mobile: +27 11 82 718 5346


Coaching sessions are online, one on one or in a workshop environment. Leader of WomanUnbound and ManUnbound. Author of 2 books and 22 years experience in relationship counseling and Homeopathic medicine.

Book Orders

My books are available on Amazon or email me for postal options in South Africa.

An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves