Homeopathic Consultations

Dr. Neaves offers in-person or online consultations.  He spends most of his time in the Western Cape in the Mossel Bay area but travels to Johannesburg several times a year to consult as well.

Your first consultation is 90 – 120min for new patients. The patients’ full case history and all testing and analysis are done in this session. 

Quantic Stress Scan

Interpersonal stress and how we process and deal with trauma impact us all every day. We invested in Quantec to help uncover where our client’s stress lies and comes from.

We can identify blocks and patterns that are impacting your health and relationships.

This is an incredible awareness tool, being descriptive and not diagnostic it has helped 1000’s of our clients so far.

All that is required is a digital photograph, which is nothing more than the radiance of photons at a particular moment (light = photons).

The Quantec® analyses the image and uncovers the issues at hand and also recommends a treatment protocol. The vibrations of the treatment are transferred to the target object upon request too.

Reports are sent once scan is done and then Dr. Neaves gives a 30min feedback session for you.


Find out more about my in-person consultations, online consultations, or coaching.  I'd love to connect with you.

Mobile: +27 11 82 718 5346


Coaching sessions are online, one on one or in a workshop environment. Leader of WomanUnbound and ManUnbound. Author of 2 books and 22 years experience in relationship counseling and Homeopathic medicine.


Book Orders

My books are available on Amazon or email me for postal options in South Africa.


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