Dr. Nicholas Neaves

(M.Tech.Hom) Master’s degree at University of Johannesburg Homeopath / Relationship Coach

I’ve now been in practice for 22 years and live in Mossel Bay, South Africa with my 3 daughters.  My second practice is in Johannesburg, South Africa where I visit a few times a year to engage with patients there and run workshops.

My upbringing, studies, relationships, and being a father have all inspired me to help people and especially women with empowerment and health.

I’m a mix of loving my interaction time in the healing space of both the practice of medicine and the healing of painful pasts that bring both the body and mind together so you live a more authentic, healthy self.

The practice follows the principles of treating the cause rather than the symptoms. I do not heal the patients; I empower them to heal themselves!

I’m very enthusiastic about the impact that homeopathy, natural medicine, and relationship coaching can have in people’s lives; treating chronic disease and providing answers to your problems.

I facilitate deeper growth and healing on specific life issues.I believe that our relationships can flourish when we are more conscious and present with ourselves.

Having a healthy body and mind is the cornerstone of enjoying loving and fulfilling relationships. In our one-on-one consultation, you will be moved, inspired, and liberated to free up healing energy and find your deeper calling. This is what my work is about.


My wife, Alicia, passed away in 2014 of breast cancer.  I was married to her for ten years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Luca, Kyla and Sadie.

Alicia’s gift to me was the wonderful relationship we shared, her love and kindness and treasured gift of our 3 girls.

So now, being a single dad, bringing these three beautiful souls up into healthy, self-confident young women is my goal.


Find out more about my in-person consultations, online consultations, or coaching.  I'd love to connect with you.

Mobile: +27 11 82 718 5346


Coaching sessions are online, one on one or in a workshop environment. Leader of WomanUnbound and ManUnbound. Author of 2 books and 22 years experience in relationship counseling and Homeopathic medicine.


Book Orders

My books are available on Amazon or email me for postal options in South Africa.


An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves