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Nicholas Neaves lives in Mossel Bay, South Africa but has a global footprint in people’s lives.  His in-person Homeopathic practices are in Mossel Bay and Johannesburg but he consults online mainly. Dr Neaves enables you to better understand a diagnosis or directs you to healthier living.

Relationship Coaching

Nicholas’ relationship coaching is designed to help you uncover your root problems in relationships to have success and fulfillment.

An Unbound Heart

Healing Stories To Open and Heal your Heart.

Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others, replacing the need for connection with the need for protection.  Read more

An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves
An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves

With 22 years’ experience in counselling, running workshops, writing and speaking, Nicholas is a thought leader in alternative treatments and relationship solutions for women and men.

Nicholas’ first book, Unbound: An Invitation into Deeper Connection and Intimacy, was published in 2020 and was a huge success.

He lost his wife and the mother of his three daughters in 2014 to cancer. Much of the content in Unbound was based on his own journey and healing process, whereas An Unbound Heart is mostly based on the stories of others.

Nicholas Neaves

“May this book open many hearts and spread God’s light, thank you to the patients whose stories are shared here for all to heal from!!”


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Coaching sessions are online, one on one or in a workshop environment. Leader of WomanUnbound and ManUnbound. Author of 2 books and 22 years experience in relationship counseling and Homeopathic medicine.


Book Orders

My books are available on Amazon or email me for postal options in South Africa.


An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves