Dr. Neaves makes extensive use of conventional laboratory testing to manage chronic cases and to track the progress of a patient.


The examination of live blood is valuable for the early detection of serious health conditions. It is possible to see at what stage of pathological development the body is in, simply from using one drop of blood.

Because the precursors to serious health imbalances may be observed in the state of ever-present floras found in the blood, health imbalances may be averted by reading these early warning signs and making the necessary changes that will allow one to rebalance the physiology. These markers are also applicable in the course of tracking the progression and reversal of degenerative conditions that may already be in motion.

What can be determined from a Live Blood analysis?

Depending on the irregularities found in the blood, there are a wide variety of different conditions that can be determined. The following are just a few examples:

  • Indication of low immune status
  • Liver and spleen stress
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fungal infections
  • Parasite infestation
  • Digestive problems
  • Atherosclerotic predisposition
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Predisposition to degenerative diseases
  • Oxidative load

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High Oxidation


Most people only go to the doctor once they start to feel sick. But what happens if you could find out in advance about a potential illness or symptom in just 5 minutes. ES TECH is the ultimate prevention tool. It is non-invasive, painless and safe medical scan. By using electrodes placed on the body the scan will give you a snapshot of how the body is functioning right now.

How are close are you to developing heart disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle related diseases?

By assessing the body at this microscopic level you are potentially able to reverse any underlying disease before they occur.

The ES TECH will provide you with information on 22 body functions and all 7 body systems.

How well are you listening to the signals from your body?

The results are displayed in a 3D format on the computer with easy to read charts and and graphs for interpretation.

What can it tell you specifically about the body? It can tell you which body systems are working less optimally, what lifestyle changes you can do and what deficiencies you have. And more specifically the following:

  1. Suppression and Obstruction to cure. Lifestyle scores Normal 80-100. Measured at first session.
  2. Adrenal capacity, Will power, Life force. Normal 80-100.
  3. Brain function, Serotonin. Normal 80-100.
  4. Energy/electrical congestion. Normal 80-100.
  5. Cell hydration. Normal 80-100.
  6. Cell oxygenation – Normal 80-100.
  7. The Ph of the body. Normal 65-70.
  8. Energy available for cells, protein digestion, blood, anaemia, Essential fatty acids intake. Normal +6.
  9. Nervous system frequencies, stored stress, ageing, sugar intake, spiritual issues. Normal 1000-10000.
  10. Speed at which the body reacts to pathogen signatures. Normal 80-100.
  11. Ability of the body to regenerate cells. Normal 6<
  12. Ability of the systems to work together. Normal 600<
  13. Ability of energy to flow around and through the body unimpeded. Normal 1200<
  14. Alarm ideal, adaptation – risk, Exhaustion – high risk.


Quantec® scans the Energy Fields of the subject from a digital photograph sent to us by email, and then treats the subject remotely, balancing their Energy Fields which, when out of balance, manifest as disease symptoms. This is also done during the consultation with Dr. Neaves.

The Quantec® device communicates with and can influence the Energy Fields in physical matter, be it human, animal or plant.

Thanks to modern computer technology, remote scanning and treatment is now possible, regardless of where you are in the world. This process is called Bio-communication.

The interfaces that enable a computer to communicate with biological systems are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons.

Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proven to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance (Telepathy).

What are Toxins?

Mind Toxins are negative emotions, e.g. fear, guilt, anger, blame, judgement, etc. These are all programs recorded in our memory from early childhood, resulting in and manifesting as disease in the Physical Body.

Body Toxins are Physical Elements such as Mercury, Lead, Poisonous Plants, etc., that vibrate within a spectrum that the delicate, yet robust, physical body and organs cannot tolerate.

This results in degeneration of vital organs such as the liver, spleen, heart, pancreas and colon, which leads to severe prolonged pain and premature death.

Other areas of application:

Management Consultancy – Healing sick businesses and organisations

Businesses are run and managed by people, whose mental state and capacity determine the level of efficiency and profitability of the establishment. Often one can feel the vibes in a business.  Quantec® scans these vibes or energy fields scanned from a digital photograph and generates a Healing Sheet for interpretation.

 The CEO of the organisation is always the first person to be treated. He/She must be the first one that is willing to change.  Permission must be given by any employee if they need to be scanned and treated.

 Agriculture and Forestry

 People who repeatedly manage to get even apparently hopeless plants to grow and flourish are said to have “green fingers” or a “green thumb”.  This naturally does not refer to the colour of their fingers of thumbs but to their special ability of communicating with plants

 Quantec® is also especially capable of this bio-communication, even in the combination of serious problems and large areas under cultivation. 

Coaching and Counselling

 Quantec® has proven to be an invaluable tool for coaches and counsellors in assisting their clients to find and or confirm their personal known or unknown imbalances.  Resounding case studies have been recorded worldwide.

How can Quantec® Bio-scan benefit you?

  • Are you tired of being dis-eased?
  • Do you want to experience the feeling of wellness?
  • Would you like your Physical Mental and Emotional Energy Fields in Balance and in Harmony?
  • We restore the balance in a subject’s Vibrational/Energy Fields with the most advanced Quantec® Bio-communication in the world.
  • Feeling stuck and needing to make that next shift?
  • Understanding the psychological factors involved in a disease process
  • Allergens and other sensitivities discovered

Quantec® counteracts energy imbalances and supplements the positive energies required to restore a subjects Energy balance to a state of harmony.

Distance or Remote Bioscan assesses and treats subjects anywhere in the world.

How does Distance Treatment work?

Distance healing has been practised since the dawn of civilisation through prayer with Intent and Belief.

Miracles, performed for thousands of years, happen when universal consciousness is activated by the human mind to manifest a desired outcome.

Quantec® determines from its databases which specific energy fields are most desirable to balance a subject’s Energy Field.

A healing sheet with these findings is produced and discussed with the patient. These healing sheets with the patients consent are  then broadcast to the subject, at 3 – 6 hour intervals, the energy fields required to balance and heal.

The broadcast is initially programmed for one month, broadcasting every 3 hours, but can be extended for as long as required.

We recommend an additional 3 months to consolidate and sustain the subject’s health and vitality, depending how out of balance the subject is.

Animal Well-Being

 Animal owners sometimes have to deal with challenging situations when conventional methods fail to identify problems with their animals. 

 Quantec® scans bio-fields of the whole animal; physical, mental and emotional. A diode that generates “White Noise” is used to scan and correct subtle problems. The physical, environmental and energetic stresses are identified and corrected with a comprehensive therapy plan, that gets broadcasted to the target. 


 How bio-communication is able to bring harmony in very troubled situations can best be explained with the so-called “butterfly effect”. Scientists have proved that even the heftiest storms can be caused by a single beat of a butterfly’s wing.

 Quantec® too works with very fine stimuli that can ultimately have enormous effects. Some examples:

  • Suppressing mobile telephone radiation
  • Suppressing electrosmog
  • Saving fuel
  • Water purification
  • Drinking water purification