Do you know how many women sit with me in the practise and say, hey doc, please help me, I’m driving my husband mad! I say why? She says her moods drive him mad! I say I understand and now you want me to take that away so that he will like you more? And most say yes!!

I then offer her two solutions:

  • I take her through a process of understanding the feminine. How it is changeable. How it can be wild and the next hour calm. I show her how women lose trust to open to men fully. How many men start to tolerate their partners as opposed to staying present with them.
    They shy away from the ‘moods’ and literally hide and cower away! What a shame! Women close up in this environment, living very superficially and cautiously! I show my patients how their moods can be easily grounded by their partners in a mutually beneficial ‘dance’! How they don’t all just need hormones and drugs to ‘fix’ them! A man’s greatest gift to his woman is to help penetrate the ‘mood’ she is in and draw her back into presence with him.
    Success in relationships depends entirely on how well he can do this. Else both drift through life together in pure mediocrity! How sad. A little coaching helps here tremendously!
  • The second solution is looking at supportive Homeopathics that work on the subtleness of her being. Homeopathy has the beautiful ability to restore people back into balance. My two favourite remedies are

Changeable moods, brought to tears easily, contradictory symptoms, sensation of a lump in her throat, grief and loss, suppressed mental sufferings.

Long standing grief. Craving for salt and being alone. Putting on a brave face. Deep emotional neglect and suppression. Depressed and reserved. Holding back. This remedy works beautifully on the sense of self and helps open the heart once again!!


Give them a try!

All the best,

May your beauty be witnessed and aroused by a truly great masculine consciousness!!

An excerpt from my favourite book, The Alabaster Girl, by Zan Perrion:

‘How many times does a woman in a stilted relationship try to get her man to notice her? How many wives in this world have paraded in front of feckless husbands, dressed in the sexiest thing they could find, soft-framed in candlelight and wine, trying to get him to find her desirable? Just that….please desire me! Please see me! Please notice me! Here I am before you…take me now! Push everything between us aside! Flip the whole table over, rip my clothes from body, destroy everything just to get to me! Take me! Overpower me! Bend me over! Ravish me! ah, but there is work to catch up on…football to watch…..’