An Unbound Heart

Healing stories to open and heal your heart

Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others, replacing the need for connection with the need for protection. If we can do the work to heal past traumas and build healthy, regulated nervous systems as individuals, families and communities, we can end the cycles that continue to reinforce our greatest challenges and create a safer vibrant and more connected world.

May this book start helping us all to build better connections. These are not ‘just’ simple stories shared here of victims and their perpetrators, though that’s where each trauma starts, these are stories of people who have been brave enough to delve deeper into their experiences to find the meaning and ultimately freedom from the trauma.

An Unbound Heart - nicholas neaves
unbound coaching with Nicholas Neaves

Relationship Coaching

My relationship coaching is designed to help you uncover your root problems to having successful experiences. Fulfilling relationships are one of the deepest and most beautiful experiences we can have.

You will see that stressful relationships are often the cause of many of physical issues.


An invitation into deeper connection and intimacy.

Bound by relationship bullshit? Becoming unbound is a journey into your heart to find and align with your most authentic self.

This invitation into greater personal and relationship fulfillment and intimacy has never been more needed. We have so many relationship opportunities yet so many yearn to go deeper into love and stay loved.

Whether you are looking for new love or growing your current connection, Nicholas Neaves outlines the way forward for effective ways to grow into what you need.

Why do men and women struggle to be present and to stay open to love? This book guides you through the answers.

nicholas neaves

Nicholas Neaves



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Coaching sessions are online, one on one or in a workshop environment. Leader of WomanUnbound and ManUnbound. Author of 2 books and 22 years experience in relationship counseling and Homeopathic medicine.

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An Unbound Heart - Nicholas Neaves