Dr. Neaves is a thought leader in alternative treatments and relationship solutions for women and men. He specializes in digestive disorders, cancer therapy, hormonal problems, skin problems and relationship coaching and healing.

Hi, this is Nicholas and thank you for being here. I have been running my own practice for over 18 years. My passion is to help you find the source of your problem by using the best diagnostic tools, both contemporary and the more alternative sensitive screening tests. Once I know what is the root of your problem we can start the healing process together. Along your journey to wellness I will offer you my ongoing support and knowledge to help you achieve this goal.

My relationship coaching is designed to help you uncover your root problems to having successful experiences there too. Fulfilling relationships are one of the deepest and most beautiful experiences we can have. I’m here to improve this area of your life for you. You will see that stressful relationships are often the cause of many of physical issues.

Im excited to be of assistance to you, friends or family members.

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Dr Neaves has consulting rooms in Randburg, Johannesburg and Mossel Bay, Cape Town. 



“It’s difficult to describe in words how much Dr Nic has really helped me. Through his totally unique and wonderful way of seeing the world, he makes me change my false, pretentious perception of reality and opens up a whole new universe of life and possibility.

He has helped me drop so much useless baggage and taught me to let go of anything that does not serve me. He has also allowed me to see myself in a whole new way, and I now feel proud and honoured to be the person I am.

I enjoy the way Dr Nic challenges my thinking and brings me back down to earth, or puts me in my place when I’m on a bit of an ego trip. I get stronger with each consultation, but I think I might always need Dr Nic in my life to continue ushering me the right direction!”

Farrah Williams

Patient of Dr. Neaves, August 2010

“With Dr Nic’s approach to homeopathy and coaching, I have found a meaningful route to wellness. My medical, emotional and nutritional wellbeing are all being treated simultaneously. I feel so at ease because everything has been explained until it has made sense to me.

And now, because I have seen and understand the importance and impact of my choices I am able to make better choices for my recovery and vitality. But more than anything else, I have appreciated the love and kindness I have been shown. This kind of support is empowering, and really helps when the habits of the old ways come knocking.

Thanks Nic. You are really one in a million.”


Patient of Dr. Neaves, August 2012